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Timely Financing for Bail Bond Requests

Release your loved one from jail with the help of Ace King Bail Bonds in Sacramento, California. We provide quick release bail bonds, as well as free information and warrant checks. Our bondsmen can meet or beat any quoted bail bond. We keep all information confidential.

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Vast Bail Bond Services

Compared to our competitors, we go straight to your location if you have a bail bond request. Apart from our mobile services, we specialize in 1275 holds, unusual felony, and domestic violence cases. For Spanish-speaking clients, we have representatives who can effectively address all of your needs.

Financial Assistance

Securing bail is the quickest way to get out of jail. However, if you are in a financial bind and do not have the money for bail, then your loved one will be detained for a long time. Our goal is to provide financial assistance for individuals who need to bail their friends or family members as soon as possible.

How Does it Work

When requesting for a bail bond, please provide a valid legal ID. As for payment, we offer multiple payment options and plans upon credit approval. If needed, we can discuss the payment arrangements that best suits your needs. Once everything is settled, we will approve your bail bond. We also provide low down payments and flexible payment plans.

Fast and Reliable Bail Bond Services

Ace King Bail Bonds recognizes the difficulties a family has to deal with when a loved one is imprisoned. This is why we treat each bail bond request with the utmost respect and attention. We do everything it takes to give you a fast, easy, and reliable process. Our team is well-informed about the legal and bail bond system.